Parents Corner

Uplifting Advice for Parents.

Don't make plans from November 1st through March. You'll either be at practice, a tournament, driving someone somewhere or washing sweat soaked smelly clothes.

Be prepared ...tournaments run ALL DAY LONG. Bring a cushion to sit on, a book to read and some snacks.

Yes, it does cost $50 for a pair of wrestling shoes that never leave the gym.

Don't laugh the first time you see your child in a singlet.

On a tournament day, make sure you have found the closest bathrooms so you can run to use them before and after your childs match. You also might want to bring some'll know why when the season starts!

Make sure your camera is ready to go...the batteries are charged and you have enough video tape left. The last thing you want is to be recording your childs match and run out of tape...especially while your child is winning!!

Video Taping Etiquette - DO NOT YELL TO YOUR CHILD WHILE TAPING A MATCH...he can't hear you, really!! He can't even hear the coach who is sitting mat side yet you think they are going to hear you from the stands? Not happening. The worst thing is going home to watch that awesome wrestling match and all you hear is yourself YELLING like a crazy person. Its not me, I know from experience!

I'm not sure who is in charge of weigh-ins but your child will always have to wrestle someone who is a foot taller and about 10pds heavier...and growls. Its a fact.

Sit with other moms and dads...its helps to have their support when you want to run out onto the mat due to injury or to attack an official.

If your son is in a headlock, his face is starting to turn colors and you can tell he is saying " I can't breathe", just know that if he can talk, he can sit back down, he's fine.

During wrestling season you will save money on groceries but when the season ends, just make sure your pantry and fridge is stocked up! Your child will eat non-stop for 48hrs.

As a parent, you will never fully understand how your gentle, sweet child could possibly love to be stretched and twisted in ways nature never intended...but he does.

Be happy when they win, supportive when they lose and we will do it all again next season!!